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Benefits of Natural Gas for Commercial and Industrial Buildings Webinar – 9/10/2014
The energy landscape is always evolving and changing. Today, we have an abundance of clean, reliable and domestically available natural gas. This energy source is cleaner and less expensive than other fossil fuels used to produce heat and electricity. This 45-minute webinar, hosted by industry expert, Eric Burgis, discussed how businesses can save money, increase competitive advantage, improve energy reliability and improve the environment. Download now.

Combo heating for multi-family units with natural gas webinar – 8/19/2014
Industry experts discuss combo heating options and systems utilizing individual water heaters and boilers. Learn about how combining energy-efficient natural gas technologies can save your business energy and money.
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Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) for Fleets Webinar- 5/15/14
Find out more about whether this clean-burning, energy-efficient fuel is the right choice for your operation’s fleet:
Click here to download The Smart Fleet Option presentation.
Click here to download NGV Use in Public and Private Fleets. 

Condensing rooftop unit webinar  2/20/2014
Industry expert, Doug Kosar, from the Gas Technology Institute, discussed energy-saving condensing rooftop units (RTUs). The webinar covered:

  • General RTU operations and the diversity of heating runtimes on a given building
  • Early, cost-effective market opportunities for condensing
  • Dedicated (100%) Outside Air Systems (DOAS)
  • Condensing DOAS  pilot experience in big-box retail stores in Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul areas:
  • What the future holds for RTUs

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