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The Dual Fuel Advantage
Make the switch and save money

Want another way to improve your bottom line? Sign up for Dual Fuel service. With this plan, you'll enjoy significantly lower rates all year for agreeing to switch to an alternate fuel source during peak demand days. You can expect natural gas savings of up to 20 percent before curtailment costs.

Program details

  • Plan for three or more curtailments during a typical year, each lasting from three to seven days, for a total of 10 to 25 days or more per year.
  • Plan to have and maintain adequate standby systems and sufficient alternate fuel storage for seven to 10 days so you can maintain operation during curtailment periods.
  • Plan to store 1/3 gallon of #2 fuel oil or 1/2 gallon of propane per therm of natural gas used during a typical January.


Average January usage of 20,000 therms:
7,000 gallons #2 oil storage
10,000 gallons propane in storage


Dual Fuel service requirements

As a Dual Fuel customer, you'll agree to:

  • Completely curtail natural gas use when requested.*
  • Provide us with names and numbers of people who can be called at any time and can arrange for natural gas curtailment with one hour's notice.
  • Pay substantial charges for unauthorized gas use during periods of curtailment.
  • Provide existing or new phone line to the meter location for electronic meter reading.
  • Pay us for the cost of meter work required for Dual Fuel service if you convert from Firm service.

Note: Firm customers can only switch to Dual Fuel service from April 1 to November 1.

*Dual Fuel service requires a 2.5 mm Btu/hr connected load. Plus, CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to physically shut off a Dual Fuel service customer's gas supply during curtailment periods.

Learn more about curtailment and check our rates and tariffs.

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