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Natural Gas Energy Analysis
Expert, affordable energy advice

Looking for ways to cut costs for your business?

Cut costs with an Energy AnalysisA Natural Gas Energy Analysis from CenterPoint Energy can help. Our certified energy auditor will visit your facility, inspect your building envelope and installed natural gas equipment, examine how it is operated and identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency. You’ll receive a detailed report with specific recommendations to help you develop a plan for energy-saving improvements. 

Low cost, high value

We offer several levels of analyses to meet the unique needs of your business – smaller organizations can take advantage of our new Basic Analysis, specially sized for their business; mid-size companies will receive our Comprehensive Analysis ,with a more thorough review and detailed technical report. We also now offer our Custom Analysis for larger operations that require a more specialized in-depth approach.

Whichever analysis you choose, you’ll gain immediate benefits by making simple recommended operating adjustments, or reap long-term benefits by making more substantial changes. Some  energy-saving recommendations may also qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate to help reduce your initial equipment costs and provide a faster payback on your energy investment.

Natural gas Energy Analysis

What happens at a Natural Gas Energy Analysis?

CenterPoint Energy's certified energy auditor will tour your facility and:

1. Analyze your facility’s recent natural gas use (excluding process load).

2. Work with you to identify specific issues and needs.

3. Thoroughly inspect your building envelope, including doors, windows and insulation.

4. Catalog and review installed natural gas equipment and how you currently operate it.

5. Provide a detailed written report that includes:

  • Specific energy-saving recommendations
  • Projected energy and cost savings for each measure
  • General costs to implement improvements
  • Estimated payback period for each suggested improvement
  • Available CenterPoint Energy Rebates and other programs to help offset initial costs to implement improvements
  • Analysis of your recent energy consumption
  • Inventory of current installed natural gas and related energy equipment

You’ll end up with a comprehensive and detailed assessment to help you develop and implement a plan to save energy for your operation – now and for years to come.

Energy AuditAny size industry can benefit

Whether you operate a smaller commercial business such as a coffee shop or hair salon, or are responsible for a mid-size or larger facility such as a church, school, multi-family building or hospital, you’ll benefit from the practical, hands-on solutions of our Natural Gas Energy Analysis.

Low cost, high value

Customer co-payments for each Natural Gas Energy Analysis are tailored to facility size and natural gas consumption.  Each is subsidized by CenterPoint Energy and offers an extraordinary value:

Analysis Facility Size* Scope Co-pay
Basic Small-volume
(Firm A & B accounts)
Basic review with high-level report

(Valued at $500!)

Comprehensive** Mid-volume
(Firm C & Interruptible SVA accounts)
Comprehensive review with detailed technical report and calculations $200 
(Valued at $1,600!)
Custom*** Large-volume Interruptible SVB & LVI accounts Same as Comprehensive Analysis; targeted to special customer needs/ preferences Based on facility size and services provided; bid for customer approval

Ad-hoc services

Any size facility

May include infrared scans, steam trap surveys or other customized services

Based on facility size and services provided; bid for customer approval

Ad hoc services are available for customers with specific needs, interests or considerations and are determined in consultation with the energy audit professional, CenterPoint Energy and the customer. There is an extra fee for services beyond the analysis cost described above, but depending on services requested, ad hoc services will provide the customer with other detailed or specific energy use analysis not possible within a typical visit.

Facilities are eligible for a Natural Gas Energy Analysis once every five years.

*If this facility is served by other CenterPoint Energy natural gas accounts with higher consumption, a different co-pay may apply.

** Traditional analysis for mid-sized customers, per the original program design, serving the majority of participants

***Custom Analysis provides for more comprehensive review and/or specialty technical analysis of primarily larger facilities, but is not to be considered an industrial or process efficiency audit, or a re-commissioning project.

Note: The analysis does not include electric consumption, except as related to natural gas equipment, so is not to be considered a comprehensive energy audit.

In addition, separate ad-hoc services such as infrared scans, steam trap surveys or other specialized diagnostic tests are available upon customer request.  These are bid separately for the customer for an additional cost.  Any size facility can request additional ad-hoc services as part of their Natural Gas Energy Analysis.

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