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Winter Meter Safety

During winter, heavy snow and ice can build up on or near meters, causing potentially dangerous conditions. Although meter problems due to weather are uncommon, follow these tips to help prevent them:

  • Keep the meter area and path to your meter clear of snow, leaves and debris. Do not use a snow blower near the meter.
  • Do not attempt to remove ice from the meter; call CenterPoint Energy.
  • If you observe ice on your meter or one or more of the following conditions, report it to CenterPoint Energy at 612-321-5200 or toll-free at 800-296-9815.
  1. Snow or ice formations are visible above the meter.
  2. Meter is located below a downspout.
  3. Overhang or eave does not fully extend over the meter.
  4. Meter is located below a roof valley without a gutter. 
  5. Meter is located below an exterior water spigot. 

Natural Gas Line and Inside Meter Inspection

CenterPoint Energy is committed to providing safe, reliable service to its customers. One of the ways the company does this is by inspecting its natural gas pipelines and equipment, both above ground and inside buildings.

Federal regulations require CenterPoint Energy to regularly inspect its equipment, including the piping and natural gas meter the company owns inside customer homes and businesses. About 150,000 CenterPoint Energy customers have inside gas meters and piping, which the company is now inspecting.

CenterPoint Energy owns the natural gas meter and the piping that comes into it. Minnesota Department of Transportation regulations state that customers own the piping that runs from the meter to their natural gas appliances. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain this piping.

Link to common questions and answers about the inspection work. If you have additional questions, please call CenterPoint Energy at 612-399-1448.