Natural Gas Prices
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CenterPoint Energy provides two basic service options, Firm service and Dual Fuel service.

Firm service provides continual natural gas delivery. Customers who cannot accommodate an interruption in gas supply are typically Firm Service customers. Firm customers can either purchase natural gas from CenterPoint Energy or opt for transportation-only service.

Dual Fuel customers have occasional gas service interruptions and lower rates. Dual Fuel customers must:

  • Have an alternate fuel source so they can curtail their use of natural gas on short notice and switch to their alternate fuel source. Note: "Process Interruptible" service is also available, which does not require an alternate fuel source but still requires interruption of gas use as needed.
  • Meet the minimum connected load requirement
  • Agree to telemetering

The following table describes our levels of service based on customer type and monthly gas use.

Customer type

Peak day therm usage

Annual therm usage


Small Volume Firm A



Small Volume Firm B



Small Volume Firm C 


> 5,000

Large Volume Firm (Telemetering required) 


> 5,000


Small Volume Dual Fuel A



Small Volume Dual Fuel B 



Large Volume Dual Fuel 




Additional service options

The following options can be added to our basic service plans to meet your specific needs. For more information about these service options, call your account manager or 612-321-4330 (800-234-5800, ext. 4330).

  • Process Interruptible. Available to certain customers who do not have an alternate fuel service. To qualify, customers must be able and willing to promptly discontinue using natural gas when notified by CenterPoint Energy.
  • Transportation Service. For customers who choose to buy gas from a company other than CenterPoint Energy, we will still deliver the gas through our local distribution system. You or your natural gas agent will advise CenterPoint Energy each month about the volume of natural gas you want us to transport to your facility (nominations) each day. It will be your responsibility to keep your natural gas nominations in balance with your usage. If your usage deviates above or below your daily scheduled volumes, you may be charged a daily or monthly balancing fee.
  • Daily Balancing Service. Customers using CenterPoint Energy's Transportation Service may avoid imbalance fees by purchasing our Balancing Service. This service allows customers to purchase an additional tolerance between nominated and actual daily usage.

Other unregulated commodity services are available from companies other than CenterPoint Energy. These unregulated commodity services usually fall into two categories: additional gas supplies to improve reliability and availability during curtailment and multi-month contracts to improve price certainty.

For more detailed pricing and service information, see Section V of our Rates and Tariffs,

CenterPoint Energy's Rate Schedule and Applicable Provisions or contact your account manager.