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Gas Pricing Options
Manage risk with pricing programs

Gas Pricing Options Managing energy costs in today’s energy climate can be challenging. That’s why CenterPoint Energy wants to inform you of special gas pricing options that can help you plan for and manage your risk exposure. The information will help you choose the pricing program that best meets your operation’s unique needs so you can have better control over your future natural gas prices.

Standard sales service

With standard sales service, you purchase and receive delivery of your natural gas commodity directly from us as your utility company. By purchasing natural gas from CenterPoint Energy, you pay an amount that varies each month based on our costs.

CenterPoint Energy works hard to ensure you have safe, reliable natural gas service at the lowest reasonable cost. We pass our supplier cost for natural gas directly on to you with no price mark-up. Natural gas prices fluctuate with the economics of supply and demand and can be difficult to predict. However, historically your energy costs with CenterPoint Energy have been among the lowest in the nation.

Standard sales service offers:

  • Reasonable, market-driven rates
  • Convenient, hassle-free service

Transportation service

Transportation service allows you to purchase your natural gas from a third party marketer for the short- or long-term. You can shop for the lowest price and purchase your gas at daily spot market or monthly prices. CenterPoint Energy will deliver it to your facility through our service lines.

Transportation service offers:

  • Managed commodity prices
  • Convenient, reliable delivery

Fixed price programs*

Many third party marketers offer a fixed price option that can provide you with greater certainty. Fixed price programs can help you avoid gas price fluctuations, eliminate uncertainty, and protect you from price volatility. They allow you to lock in natural gas prices for all or just a portion of your total natural gas load for a particular period of time. This way, you continue to pay a set price for a self-selected timeframe. The purpose of these programs is to provide you with gas cost protection; there is no guarantee of savings.

Fixed price programs offer:

  • Complete price control
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Accurate budgeting

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*CenterPoint Energy does not offer a price certainty program for large business customers. This type of program is offered by third party marketers.