Natural Gas Prices
Natural Gas Prices
Discover the advantages of natural gas

Natural gas is a publicly traded commodity and like other fuels, its price is influenced by the market forces of supply and demand.  At CenterPoint Energy, we work hard to secure ample supplies of natural gas.  With long-term availability of U.S. natural gas supplies, choosing natural gas is the best choice because it’s affordable, abundant, domestic and environmentally-friendly. 


Save energy and money when you build.

Clean-burning natural gas costs less to use than any other energy source. In fact, natural gas is about half the cost of other fuels.

Natural gas prices continue to remain low, making natural gas your best energy value. 

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Save energy and money when you remodel.

According to America's Natural Gas Alliance, there is more than a 100-year supply of natural gas in the United States, much of which can be attributed to supply from shale gas fields. 

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Storage levels (the amount of natural gas kept underground or in above-ground storage containers) are above the five-year average and continuing to grow.

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Total annual natural gas consumption is expected to remain relatively flat for the short-term future. Longer-term, the demand for natural gas is expected to continue to increase due to increased demand for low-carbon fuels.

Save energy and money when you remodel.

Currently, 98 percent of the natural gas that is used in the U.S. is produced in North America.

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Save energy and money when you remodel. As a primary fuel that can be used in its natural state rather than undergoing a pollution-producing, energy-wasting conversion process, natural gas leaves about half the carbon footprint of electricity. See a side by side comparison.

Natural gas is cleaner than electricity, releasing:

  • Less than half the amount of carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas)
  • Almost no sulfur dioxide (a major cause of acid rain and haze)
  • Less than one-third the amount of nitrogen oxides (the primary cause 
    of smog)
  • Zero mercury emissions (makes some fish unsafe to eat)

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Fueling the Future with Natural Gas