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On-Site Power Generation
Reliable, economic energy

MicroturbineIf you are a home or business owner interested in alternative sources of reliable and economical electric service, on-site electricity generation with natural gas-fired systems may be a great solution for you. The following applications are available:

Combined heat and power (CHP)
Large facilities such as hospitals, college campuses, manufacturing and office/retail organizations can recover energy from an on-site power generation system and provide hot water or steam for a wide variety of uses, including cooling systems.

Distributed generation
Small-to-large applications would have options to operate the power generation systems with or without an electric utility grid connection, and supply all or key parts of the facilities' electric needs. Energy recovery is always an option with this application.

Peak shaving systems
Electric power from the utility grid during peak demand periods can be cut, saving demand costs.

Standby systems
Power generators can provide a backup source of electricity for emergencies during power shortages or interruptions.

Remote applications
There are many applications put to use in remote areas. A few examples are new construction sites, oil fields and mining applications.

A wide variety of reliable technologies are available to match particular power generation applications, including natural gas reciprocating and turbine engine-driven units, fuel cells and microturbines.