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Energy Recovery Systems
Reuse conditioned air and save

Energy Recovery System To maintain healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) and meet building codes, buildings must have fresh, outdoor air, also  called ventilation air.

This requirement can be expensive since the air must be heated or cooled and then exhausted to make room for more ventilation air. Energy recovery systems recover thermal energy from the conditioned exhaust air, helping building owners and operators save on energy costs.

There are many types of energy recovery systems but the most commonly used are rotating wheelsplates, heat pipes and runaround loops. CenterPoint Energy recommends working closely with a design engineer to evaluate and design a system that is the most efficient and effective for your operation.

Energy recovery wheels can be used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications. This chart summarizes the pros and cons of the most common types.

Fixed plate

Rotary wheel

Heat pipe

Runaround loop

Cross leakage

0 to 5%

.5 to 10%



Heat transfer

50 to 80%

50 to 85%

45 to 65%

55 to 65%

Capacity control

Bypass ducting

Speed control Bypass ducting

Tilt angle


CFM range






Large size at high CFM rates

Cross leakage

High air side pressure drop

Requires accurate sizing


No moving parts

Compact large sizes

No moving parts

Separate supply and
exhaust air streams


Download the energy recovery systems fact sheet now.


Rebates and other assistance
Through CenterPoint Energy’s Custom Rebate program, customers can enjoy swifter payback for investing in qualifying energy recovery systems. The amount of the rebate depends on the equipment specifications and level of efficiency. For details, contact your CenterPoint Energy account manager.