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Giving you healthy dose of savings
Natural Gas provided healthy energy savings! Maintaining a healthy bottom line is a bit easier with CenterPoint Energy’s high-efficiency rebate program for natural gas equipment.

We’ve tailored our healthcare energy programs to help you keep patients and staff safe and comfortable while maintaining affordability. We’ll help you offset the initial cost of energy investments that will pay off in savings for years to come.

Available rebates and programs

Our rebates and programs offer many ways to save money on your facilities’ energy costs.

Boiler and boiler system components
Save on some of the hardest working equipment in your buildings without sacrificing the comfort of your patients and staff.  Learn more >>

Boiler tune-ups
Rebates are available for 25% of the tune-up cost, up to $300 per boiler. Learn more >>

Other heating systems
Rebates are available for forced-air furnaces, unit heaters, condensing unit heaters and infrared heaters. Learn more >>

Natural gas water heaters
Receive $200 per 100,000 Btu input for a water heater with an 88 percent or greater condensing efficiency. Learn more >>

Carbon monoxide sensors
Receive $200 per installed sensor while reducing the energy use of your ventilation system. Learn more >> 

Foodservice equipment
Rebates of up to $1,000 are available on select equipment, such as combi ovens, broilers and more for your busy healthcare foodservice operation. Plus, our Foodservice Learning Center offers hands-on experience and experienced staff to help your foodservice personnel choose the best natural gas cooking equipment for your facilities. Learn more >>

Custom energy-saving projects
If you are implementing other energy-saving projects not listed above, you may be able to qualify for a custom rebate. Learn more >>

And more...
Many more rebates are available for your business. Learn more >>

Additional money-saving programs

Natural Gas Energy Analysis
Looking for ways to cut costs for your business? A Natural Gas Energy Analysis can help. Our certified energy auditor will visit your facility, inspect your building envelope and installed natural gas equipment; examine how it is operated, and identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, many of which qualify for a rebate from CenterPoint Energy  Learn more >>

Commercial Engineering Programs
CenterPoint Energy has a variety of design/engineering programs available, including Engineering Assistance, Recommissioning and Process Efficiency Programs. If your considering making energy-efficiency design improvements to your facilities, contact your account manager or our Business Customer Hotline at 612-321-4939 (877-809-3803).

Healthcare expertise available to you
CenterPoint Energy will work with you to help you meet the growing demand from patients, staff and surrounding communities for more environmentally responsible energy decisions.

Call our Business Customer Hotline at 612-321-4939 (toll-free 1-877-809-3803).

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