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To actualize economic development opportunities, optimal sites must be available, identified and marketed to economic development organizations, site consultants and prospective companies — essentially, all the key counterparts in the economic development process. Without this vital intelligence, probabilities become little more than great ideas with no place to root and grow. Viable sites are, both literally and figuratively, the foundation upon which economic development becomes possible. For if there is no place to build it, they — neither the companies nor the jobs — will not come.

The Economic Development team maintains strong ties in the real estate community and works closely with local, regional and national brokers to keep abreast of available commercial and industrial properties and facilities. To facilitate the site selection process, we provide resources to help identify and qualify possible sites.

Quarterly Report of Available Sites
As a service to our partner Economic Development Organizations, we produce quarterly reports of available facilities and sites within their region. Among the details supplied are location, number of floors/stories, year built, available and total building/land area, sale price and realtor contact information. Samples of the summary and detail views are provided. For EDOs seeking the most recent report for your area, contact your regional manager.

CoStar Search
Upon request, we will conduct a customized search of the CoStar database of available properties in the Houston area, based on the client’s parameters. Click to view a sample of a summary or detail report.

Select Power-Ready Sites
Industrial operations typically require facilities built to meet greater power demands. For potential customers with heavy power requirements, we actively maintain a list of available sites within our service territory outfitted to handle electric loads in excess of 1,000 amps. This regularly updated list provides general property details, a marketing flyer with full specifications and a link to the broker.

Click here for Power Ready sites