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The Houston economy is dynamic and diverse with a strong presence in several industries. Our Economic Development team capitalizes on the region’s healthy business climate by targeting our efforts on these key markets.

Northern Region – Karen Gregory

Distribution & Logistics
Once goods have been produced, how do manufacturers deliver them to markets quickly, safely and efficiently? With a well-developed trucking and rail infrastructure, major airports and one of the world's largest water ports, Houston's logistics and distribution firms work in concert to answer this question.

Southern Region – Bill Banta

Food Manufacturing & Distribution
The Houston region offers the food processing and distribution industry a cornucopia of resources. Among the amenities are a top-ranked port, ample railroad and truck lines and major headquarters of industry leaders.

Eastern Region – Gwen Wagner

Houston is a worldwide leader in the aerospace industry. Home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and a network of research and education organizations with ties to aerospace technology, the Houston region is poised to further capitalize on its success as an aerospace leader.

Houston is an emerging biotechnology center. Employing nearly 75,000 life science workers, the region has a strong infrastructure providing all the tools for a successful operation.

Houston is one of the world’s largest manufacturing centers for petrochemicals, and the $15 billion petrochemical complex at the Houston Ship Channel is the largest in the nation.

Western Region – Ken Courville

Houston’s manufacturing infrastructure is world-class. The region provides unmatched, cost-effective transportation options to access global markets, including four deepwater ports, two major railroads originating in Houston and more than 1,100 trucking companies that travel the U.S. interstate highway system throughout the area.

Office & Professional Services
Within this sector, our primary focus is on data centers. Most local Fortune 500 headquarters house some type of data center. CenterPoint Energy already has a foothold in this growing market and is poised to capitalize on emerging trends.

Plastics Processing
The plastics processing industry is the business of using plastic materials to manufacture a host of end products. A strong contributor to the regional economy, this industry had an annual output of nearly $1.8 billion for 2005.

Region At-Large – Dudley Van Ness

Corporate Relocation
CenterPoint Energy engages with corporations considering headquarters or back-office relocations to advise the firms and their site location consultants of the advantages to choosing Houston.

Site Location Consultants
Economic Development works closely with site location consultants to highlight the region’s locational assets and market the Houston area as the best home for growing companies.

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