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Heating season doesn’t have to be scary
Heating System Rebates

With CenterPoint Energy’s rebates for heating systemsboiler systems and boiler system components, you can save energy and money on some of the hardest working equipment in your facility. You will also improve the heating efficiency at your facility without sacrificing employee or customer comfort and do the right thing for the environment, while cutting energy costs for years to come.

See the difference long-term on your energy bills when you install a:

Now is also great time to ensure your boiler system is operating as efficiently as possible to save both energy and money.  When you receive a boiler tune-up you’ll qualify for a rebate from CenterPoint Energy.

Investing in replacement or new equipment is easier with help from CenterPoint Energy’s rebate programs.

Paperless billing 

Commercial Boiler Calculator

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Volunteers make a difference
In 2013, CenterPoint Energy employees volunteered more than 220,000 hours that support different areas of the community. One of our focus areas is revitalization. We want to encourage you to get involved and find a local rebuilding project organization, such as Habitat for Humanity. Visit our Community page to learn about other outreach efforts.
 Natural Gas for Your Business

Save with rebates
Save money on some of the hardest working equipment in your operation when you take advantage of energy efficiency rebates from CenterPoint Energy. Save on boilers, boiler system components, water heaters, and heating systems. Learn more.


Why is natural gas the preferred fuel? 

  • Affordable: Costs less to use than electricity, propane and heating oil.
  • Performance: Enhances a homeowner’s lifestyle with warmer heat, more hot water, precise cooking and great amenities like a natural gas fireplace.
  • Better for the environment: Can lower a home’s carbon footprint by more than half compared to electric appliances.
  • Good for the economy: The natural gas industry employs nearly three million Americans, providing a boost to the economy. 
  • Efficient: Many natural gas appliances meet green building guidelines and carry the ENERGY STAR rating.

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 Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable fuels available. And, CenterPoint Energy’s highest priority is the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas. Learn more about all the ways to stay safe around natural gas. You’ll find information on natural gas leaks, safe digging, pipeline safety, weather emergencies and more.

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