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‘Tis the season to express our thanks

Don’t wait – send in your rebate applications today!

This is your last chance to take advantage of 2014 energy-efficiency rebates. If you’ve completed installation of energy-efficient natural gas equipment, or still plan to before year-end, the time is now to get your rebate applications completed and submitted. The deadline to submit rebate applications for 2014 equipment installations is Dec. 31.


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Best wishes this holiday season and in the New Year

Best wishes

All of us at CenterPoint Energy want to thank you for your business this past year. We are pleased to have been able to provide you and your business with safe, affordable and reliable natural gas service year-round, and look forward to serving you in the New Year and in many years to come.

We’re also happy to have been able to provide money-saving rebates to help your business save on energy-efficient natural gas equipment as well and continue to offer these rebates and programs to you in the New Year.

And, as winter is now in full swing, be sure to take time to ensure you’re operating your facility as efficiently as possible this season.

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 Feedback Forum

We need your company’s feedback
Your business’ input is invaluable to CenterPoint Energy. It impacts the decisions we make on how best to serve you as a commercial customer. Please consider joining our online Feedback Forum – it’s a great way to easily and quickly share your thoughts on our business services, products, communications and more.

We’ll keep Forum members up-to-date with summaries of what we learn, so you can know what other commercial customers find important as well. Join Feedback Forum today.


Save with rebates

Save money on some of the hardest working equipment in your operation when you take advantage of energy efficiency rebates from CenterPoint Energy. Save on boilers, boiler system components, water heaters, and heating systems. Learn more.

 Hurricane Preparation

In the event of severe weather such as a hurricane, power outages are likely. Just as CenterPoint Energy has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), the company urges customers to have their own emergency plan ready to implement should a hurricane strike.


It is extremely important for every family and business to have their own personal emergency plan, especially customers who rely on electricity for life-sustaining equipment. If your plan is to shelter in place during a storm, CenterPoint Energy encourages customers to have battery-powered radios, enough food and water for several days (one gallon of water per person, per day), necessary medication and a portable generator.

To stay up to date on the most current power outage information, we urge you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post frequent updates during a storm. For more details, please visit