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Share your love of reading
Read Across America

Education is important to the advancement of our communities, and CenterPoint Energy works to promote literacy through partnerships with educators, school districts and nonprofits. Our investment in education is just one of the ways we're working to transfer knowledge to all generations and make people's lives better.

For the fourth consecutive year, CenterPoint Energy will be participating in Read Across America on March 2. We encourage our employees and customers to take the oath to read to a child – not only on this designated day, but every day possible. To emphasize this national effort, CenterPoint Energy employees and retirees will be reading to children in schools and nonprofit organizations.

We invite you to please join us in sharing the love of reading with a child.

To learn more about Read Across America, visit

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We need your company’s feedback

Your business’ input is invaluable to CenterPoint Energy. It impacts the decisions we make on how best to serve you as a commercial customer. Please consider joining our online Feedback Forum – it’s a great way to easily and quickly share your thoughts on our business services, products, communications and more.


We’ll keep Forum members up-to-date with summaries of what we learn, so you can know what other commercial customers find important as well. Join Feedback Forum today.

 Water heater maintenance

Natural gas water heaters will save most businesses about 50 percent over electric and maintaining them can help prevent costly leaks.


Here are a few tips:

  • Keep the burner area free of dust and dirt.
  • Store combustibles or flammables such as gasoline or paint away from the water heater.
  • A gurgling noise when the burner is on is a sign of sediment buildup which can damage your water heater. To keep lime deposits and sediment from building up in your water heater, starting when it’s new, every month drain several pails of water from the drain valve near the bottom of the water heater.
  • If the pilot light on the water heater goes out, shut off gas to the appliance. Do not use tools to turn the gas valve; use hand pressure only. Relight according to the manufacturer’s instructions, usually found near the control on the lower part of the tank. If you have difficulty relighting, call a qualified appliance service technician or qualified heating contractor.
 Natural Gas Safety and more
Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable fuels available. And, CenterPoint Energy’s highest priority is the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas.


Learn more about all the ways to stay safe around natural gas. You’ll find information on natural gas leaks, safe digging, pipeline safety, weather emergencies and more.
Need more information about natural gas safety?