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Benefits of natural gas equipment
Clean-burning natural gas saves businesses money

Benefits of Natural Gas EquipmentYour business can significantly reduce the amount of energy it consumes and in turn, save on operating costs when you choose natural gas equipment. We work closely with major equipment manufacturers and research organizations to develop and refine new natural gas technologies and help build local distribution channels into the marketplace.

Learn more about natural gas equipment and how it can help your business save energy and money:

Fuel cells   Humidity control   
Microturbines  HVAC systems 
Direct-vent water heaters  Industrial applications 
Tankless water heaters  Foodservice equipment   
Cost and Emmissions calculator

Know the facts about Natural Gas Vehicles 

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 Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-irritating. Any fuel-burning equipment or appliance has the potential to produce CO, and annual check-ups of these appliances help ensure proper and safe operation.

If you, your employees or customers are in a room with operating gas equipment and experience a headache, followed by dizziness and nausea, you may be experiencing CO poisoning. Get fresh air immediately, and call CenterPoint Energy. Click here to learn more about CO safety.

 Natural Gas Safety and more

Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable fuels available. And, CenterPoint Energy’s highest priority is the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas.


Learn more about all the ways to stay safe around natural gas. You’ll find information on natural gas leaks, safe digging, pipeline safety, weather emergencies and more.
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