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2015 Residential furnace tune-up rebate

With our furnace tune-up rebate, you will maximize the homeowner’s system efficiency, identify potential problems before the system fails and educate on the benefits of upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system

CenterPoint Energy natural gas customers can receive a $25 rebate when you perform a tune-up that includes seven required maintenance items shown below.

Required service items
  • Perform carbon monoxide test and adjust gas and/or air if CO is too high.
  • Check flame characteristics, and adjust gas and/or air, if needed.
  • Check flue gas path from burner to vent for cleanliness and cracks. Clean and report as necessary.
  • Check the pilot/igniter for proper operation. Also check the flame sensor/pilot light shut down controls for proper operation.
  • Check the condition of the furnace air filter. Recommend the correct replacement part, if necessary.
  • Check condition of fan motor(s). Lubricate bearings as needed.
  • Check the operational controls and adjust, if necessary.

Program eligibility

This rebate offer is only available for Mississippi residential heating customers who receive natural gas service from CenterPoint Energy. Rebate is limited to one per natural gas furnace with a qualifying tune-up. The heating system needs to be used as a primary heating source. Each natural gas heating system is eligible to receive a tune-up rebate every other year. New construction homes are not eligible for this rebate offer.

How the program works

1. Schedule a heating system tune-up with CenterPoint Energy residential gas customers between January 1 - December 31, 2015.

2. Perform a tune-up on natural gas furnace or boiler which includes seven required service items (listed above).

3. Dealer or service technician completes the tune-up service and dealer sections of the rebate application for the customer. Please review all requirements and guidelines on the rebate application.

4. Mail the signed rebate application along with your company furnace tune-up checklist (if the service tech didn't complete the checkliston the front of the rebate form) and the customer invoice for the tune-up service. The checklist must list the services required for the rebate. Submit all requested paperwork by December 31 in the calendar year of service.

5. Send to:

Residential Furnace and Boiler Tune-up
CenterPoint Energy
PO Box 59038
Minneapolis, MN 55459-0038

6. Customers will receive a check, not a check a utility bill credit. Customers will receive a check within eight weeks from the time that we receive the completed paperwork. 

For more information about this program, send us an email or call us 612-321-4484. Rebates are paid on a first come, first served basis.