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Calculate energy and Environmental savings with ease

Online Calculators

Calculate for your customers or homeowners how much they will save on their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment with natural gas equipment.  Choose the calculator below that best fits your needs.

Geothermal Cost Comparison - Calculate the return on investment and environmental benefits of using a high-efficiency natural gas heating system vs. a ground source/geothermal heat pump.

Efficiency Pays - Dealers can show their customers how much they can save on their heating bills and the environmental benefits of upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system.

Thermal Efficiency - Use our water heater thermal efficiency calculator to calculate the energy factor of a water heater that has a thermal efficiency, to determine if it qualifies for a rebate up to $100.

Energy Costs & Emissions Calculator

Show your customers how they can benefit from choosing natural gas equipment over electricity and other heating fuel types for their home or business.

Commercial Rebate Calculator

Help your customers determine their potential commercial rebate amounts for installing energy-efficient natual gas equipment using the Commercial Rebate Calculator.