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Water Heating
Natural gas is the best choice for heating water

Water heating is an important consideration in any home or building project.

natural gas water heating

Natural gas water heating offers three important benefits:

1. Lower operating costs

2. Faster recovery

3. Environmental benefits

In addition, there is a natural gas water heater to fit almost any situation. For flexibility in installation, choose from atmospheric-vent, direct-vent and more. Your customer may also be interested in a tankless model.


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Building "green"

Water heating is one of the largest fuel users in the home. When builders, mechanical contractors and customers choose a natural gas water heater rather than an electric model, the environmental benefits can be significant.

Natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels and because we use it in the same form in which it comes from the earth, it's safer for the environment. Natural gas requires no expensive, pollution-causing processing and takes little energy to carry it through the underground pipelines. That makes it about 90% efficient compared to only 27% efficiency for electricity.

Electric water heaters rely on the generation of electricity at a power plant, which may be burning coal, oil, lignite or other fossil fuels. These fuels do not burn as cleanly as natural gas and are a major source of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions – the major contributor to global warming.