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Customers look to you for expertise and CenterPoint Energy is dedicated to helping you stay educated about the many options available in natural gas appliances. We hope this information will be useful as you help your customers make better appliance decisions, or make decisions on their behalf. Use the links in the left column to learn about natural gas appliances available to you and your customers.


What everyone should know about today's natural gas appliances

Natural gas appliances generally use less energy and cost less to operate than their electric counterparts. They are also the best choice for the environment and for meeting your indoor air quality needs. Time after time, natural gas has been found to outperform other fuels for jobs such as:

  • Water heating
  • Home heating
  • Cooking
  • Clothes drying

In addition, natural gas is an excellent fuel for outdoor appliances, such as for gas lights, pool heaters, patio heaters and much more. There are options available for:

  • Beautiful outdoor lighting
  • Pool or spa heating
  • Grilling outdoors
  • More
Home Heating Options
 Did you know?

The gas is always greener

Natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels and because we use it in the same form in which it comes from the earth, it's safer for the environment. Natural gas requires no expensive, pollution-causing processing and takes little energy to carry it through the underground pipelines. That makes it about 90% efficient compared to only 29% efficiency for electricity. Learn more.