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Builders Club

Build a better home with natural gas space and water heating and build up more Builders Club points. Home buyers prefer the comfort, savings and environmental benefits and Build Wiser builders earn more incentives with natural gas.

Build Wiser program requirements – Earn 250 points. Install the following in the homes you build on CenterPoint Energy service lines in 2013

• Natural gas heating system used for primary heating • Natural gas water heater

Model home program – Build Wiser builders earn 1,000 points. Display marketing materials, which include entryway rugs and life-style signage, highlighting the benefits of natural gas equipment.

Build Wiser builders earn even more points in every home with a natural gas water heater. The more natural gas appliances you install, the more points you earn.

 Natural gas appliances  Builders Club points value
 Fireplaces  100 
 Cooking  100
 Dryer  100
 Grills/patio products  100 
 Garage heater   100

   Here is an example of how fast you can add the points up with natural gas appliances.

 Model home  Builders Club points total
 Marketing materials displayed   1000 
 Forced-air furnace and  
 power vent water heater   
 2 Fireplaces   200 
 Range   100 
 Clothes Dryer   100