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Out-of-Season Guidelines

out-of-season installation

In most cases, CenterPoint Energy installs natural gas service lines year 'round even during the coldest winter months – where the main is available on the house side of the street. 


Out-of-season charges for work performed between 
Nov. 1 - Mar. 31
Frost burner   $204 per frost burner per day 
Two burners typically needed for two days. Additional usage may be needed per site conditions.
Mains $2 per foot
Residential services $4 per foot
Commercial services $8 per foot
Guard posts Costs for guard posts installed Nov. 1 to
Mar. 31 will include costs for time and material.

Avoid out-of-season charges:
Meet these dates, and you can avoid out-of-season charges.
Please refer to the site-readiness checklist.
   Sept. 15 Oct. 1   Oct. 15  Nov. 1
 All mains  Application due  Site ready    
 All service lines      Application due  Site ready*
 Temp heat      Application due  Site ready

* = Long sides are dependent on the restrictions put on by each municipality and may be unavailable Nov.15 to Apr. 15. If allowed by the city, a customer may use a contractor for boring and have a sleeve installed. After that, CenterPoint Energy will install the pipe.

You can avoid out-of-season service installation charges if you meet these conditions:

  • Natural gas is available at the street
  • You apply for natural gas service by Oct. 15
  • Your site meets readiness requirements by Nov. 1
Out-of-season charges: $4 per foot.  An additional $204 per burner per day will be assessed if a frost burner is needed.

* Dates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.