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Information for residential builders & developers

CenterPoint Energy offers builders great rebates when you install qualifying high-efficiency natural gas equipment in the homes you build on CenterPoint Energy service lines. Rebates

Work with your heating dealer and plumber in selecting the natural gas equipment that best suits the needs of your homebuyers and helps them not only save energy and money, but also helps reduce their impact on the environment.


2015 Rebate Offerings

Heating System Rebates

CenterPoint Energy offers up to $600 for forced-air furnaces and $400 for natural gas hydronic systems.

Water Heater Rebates

Our rebate offering includes a rebate up to $75 for natural gas storage tank water heaters and $500 for a natural gas tankless model.

Program reminders

Request the rebate paperwork from your heating dealer and plumber for all qualifying equipment installations on CenterPoint Energy's service lines.

  • Program dates - January 1- December 31, 2015 In order to secure your rebate, submit  by the calendar year end (December 31).
  • Rebates are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.