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Natural gas is the natural choice for outdoor living
Natural Gas Outdoor Living

This spring, customers who invite natural gas to their outdoor festivities will enjoy a host of benefits. Natural gas is the natural solution to helping them cook a hassle-free dinner, entertain late into the evening accompanied by the glow and warmth of a natural gas patio campfire and for letting them swim just a little earlier in the season. Natural gas provides convenient, safe and inexpensive solutions for more hours of outdoor fun.

Show your customers the beauty and benefits of:

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Natural Gas Saves Green 

 Natural gas water heaters

Natural gas water heaters are so safe and reliable that most people never think about their water heater, even though they use hot water several times a day. Encourage your customers to extend the life of their water heater with regular maintenance.

Tip: turn the water temperature down to 120 F to save energy and avoid scalding.

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 New Construction Services

Let CenterPoint Energy help you get ready for the construction season. Take advantage of the many services available and avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.

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 Natural gas safety
Call before you dig

April is Safe Digging Month
Whether you’re working on a large excavation or simply planting a tree in your yard, natural gas and utility line safety should always be job one—and that starts with calling 8-1-1 to have your utility lines marked. By doing so, you can be certain where your electric, gas, water and other important lines are located as well as avoid causing serious injuries, service interruptions or possibly costly fines for damaged infrastructure. Make the call. It’s easy, and free.

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