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Rebate offerings

It’s not too late to help your commercial customers secure great rebates on energy-efficient natural gas equipment in their facilities. They can still take advantage of great energy savings for years to come as well as immediate costs savings through CenterPoint Energy rebate program. Be sure applications are submitted before the Dec. 31st deadline.

CenterPoint Energy’s rebates help make investing in high-efficiency commercial natural gas equipment easier and provide faster payback for their energy dollars

Rebate offerings include:

Remember - rebate applications are due Dec. 31, 2014.

Learn more and find fill-and-print rebate applications here.

Dealer Circle 

 Construction Rebate
New Home Construction Rebate

$750 New Home Construction Rebate
Available to builders featuring natural gas appliances


CenterPoint Energy’s New Home Construction Program in Oklahoma offers a $750 rebate to builders who construct new homes featuring efficient natural gas appliances.


In order to qualify for the rebate, builders must equip their new homes with the following:

  • A primary natural gas heating source rated at 90 percent or greater AFUE
  • A primary natural gas water heating source
  • At least one other natural gas appliance

Learn more about the $750 New Home Construction rebate.


 New Construction Services

Let CenterPoint Energy help you get ready for the construction season. Take advantage of the many services available and avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.

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 Water Heater Rebates
Water heater rebates up to $900

High-Efficiency Water Heaters


Maximize customer sales with water heater rebates. Encourage customers to replace their aging natural gas water heater with a high-efficiency model and save with rebates up to $900. 


Learn more