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2015 Rebate ApplicationsNow that the busy heating season is starting to cool down, it’s the perfect time to submit rebate applications for qualifying 2015 natural gas heating system installations. Hit a home run with satisfied customers when you submit rebate applications early. The sooner you submit the applications, the sooner your customers will get their rebates.

You’ll also score with cash incentives for each rebate processed listing your company as the dealer.

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 Whole Home New Construction

CenterPoint Energy’s Whole Home New Construction Program can help you build more efficiency into every home. Cutting-edge energy modeling and consultative site  visits provide quality control during the construction process that leads to a healthier, more energy-efficient and durable home. An unbiased extra set of eyes inspecting the home will result in reduced call backs and greater customer satisfaction. Selling energy-efficient homes tested by a third party will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide you with a unique marketing advantage. Participation is free of charge.

Help your customers save
Savvy homebuyers know the cost of home ownership includes more than just their monthly mortgage. When buyers compare potential electric and natural gas bills, it is clear that natural gas appliances offer significantly lower energy bills than homes with electric appliances. When buyers save on utility bills, they can funnel those savings toward appealing upgrades, like a deck or natural gas fireplace. Learn more.

 New Construction Services
New Construction Services

Let CenterPoint Energy help you get ready for the construction season. Take advantage of the many services available and avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.

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