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Gain more sales when you showcase tune-up and heating system rebates

Tune-up and Heating System RebatesClose more sales this heating season by offering customers more options for staying warm and comfortable this winter. Our furnace and tune-up rebate programs can help by opening doors to greater sales opportunities.

Customer rebate offering: Perform a qualifying tune-up on a natural gas furnace or boiler and your customer can receive a $25 rebate. Customers are eligible to receive a rebate every other year.

Cash for dealer: Receive $5 cash incentive for every heating system tune-up rebate processed listing your company as the dealer.

Customer rebate offering: Help your customers run their boilers as efficiently as possible with a boiler tune-up. Customers will receive a rebate of 25 percent of the boiler tune-up cost (up to $300 per boiler and $1,500 per facility). Customers are eligible to receive a rebate every other year.

Cash for dealer: Receive a $10 cash incentive for every boiler tune-up rebate processed listing your company as the trade ally.

Fall is also a great time to remind your customers about rebates for installing new or replacing old heating systems. Great energy-efficiency rebates are available to help offset the initial purchase costs of hard-working equipment at your customers’ homes or businesses.


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You’ll be the first to know the latest industry and program information to help you this heating season and beyond. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet our energy efficiency team and network with other trade allies – at no cost to you!

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