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‘Tis the season to express our thanks
Best wishes this holiday season and in the New Year

Best wishesAll of us at CenterPoint Energy want to thank you for your business this past year. We are pleased to have been able to provide you and your business with safe, affordable and reliable natural gas service year-round, and look forward to serving you in the New Year and in many years to come.

And, as winter is now in full swing, be sure to take time to ensure you’re operating your facility as efficiently as possible this season. Check out our energy-efficiency checklist with easy-to-implement ideas on helping your customers make the most of out of their energy dollar.

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 Build with Natural Gas
Sell homes faster with natural gas

Sell homes faster with natural gas

When you use natural gas in the homes you build, you are giving homebuyers what they prefer – the performance and value of natural gas equipment.

What homebuyers say about natural gas

  • 74% would recommend natural gas
  • 73% prefer natural gas heating
  • 75% prefer natural gas for cooking
  • 72% prefer natural gas for water heating

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 Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is colorless, odorless and tasteless. CO can be produced by any fuel-burning appliance in your home, so it’s important to have your appliances checked annually by a qualified technician, especially before the start of the heating season. To learn more about the dangers of CO, symptoms of CO poisoning and ways to prevent CO buildup in your home, click here.

 Call Before You Dig

Call before you dig


Whether you’re working on a large excavation or simply planting a tree in your yard, natural gas and utility line safety should always be job one—and that starts with calling 8-1-1 to have your utility lines marked. By doing so, you can be certain where your electric, gas, water and other important lines are located as well as avoid causing serious injuries, service interruptions or possibly costly fines for damaged infrastructure. Make the call. It’s easy, and free. Click here for more information.