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Take a look at the facts:

  • New single-family homes with natural gas appliances sell on average 6 percent more than comparable homes built with electric appliances.*
  • More than 70 percent of prospective homebuyers prefer natural gas.*
  • Home sale data shows that 89 percent of regional builders reported that their homes equipped with natural gas appliances sell faster.*

Savvy homebuyers understand that the cost of home ownership includes monthly mortgage and utility expenses. Choosing natural gas is a decision that helps them stretch their energy dollars.  When buyers compare potential electric and natural gas bills, it is clear that natural gas appliances offer significantly lower energy bills than homes with electric appliances.

With those monthly savings, your buyers can enjoy a variety of home upgrades without increasing their net monthly expenses. Imagine enhancing each home with a new natural gas fireplace, a beautiful stone countertop, bathroom spa tub or other unique additions!

* NAHB – Special report on price differential of gas vs. electric homes, November 2010 prepared by Economics & Housing Policy Group of the National Association of Home Builders, Washington D.C.

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Natural Gas Water Heaters 

 Dealer Circle

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The Dealer Circle is a new referral program that helps connect participating dealers with residential CenterPoint Energy customers. Residential natural gas customers contact us regularly with questions about natural gas solutions or looking for natural gas HVAC and plumbing dealers and repairmen in their area. This program directs customers to qualified businesses like yours, helping them save time, money and get the expert advice they need.

Register your business with the Dealer Circle and start enjoying the many benefits, including:

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 New Construction Services

Let CenterPoint Energy help you get ready for the construction season. Take advantage of the many services available and avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.


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 Natural gas water heaters

Natural gas water heaters are so safe and reliable that most people never think about their water heater, even though they use hot water several times a day. Encourage your customers to extend the life of their water heater with regular maintenance.

Plus, replacing with a high-efficiency natural gas water heater can give you rebates of up to $500!

Tip: turn the water temperature down to 120 F to save energy and avoid scalding.

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