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Heating system rebates
Customers save with furnace and boiler rebates

Heating System RebatesResidential Offering
CenterPoint Energy offers customers rebates up to $600 for installing a high-efficiency natural gas heating system. Rebates can help you sell more because they reduce the purchase price when a customer wants to upgrade to a high-efficiency natural gas heating. Learn more about available heating system rebates.

Commercial Offering
CenterPoint Energy offers rebates up to $600 when your customers install a high-efficiency forced-air or hydronic heating system. Or, if your customers are installing a high-efficiency boilers, rebates up to $2,000/MMBtuh input are available.  

Natural Gas Vehicles 

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 Gas is better

Your choice for greater comfort and savings
Help customers gain greater cost and energy savings by giving them the facts about natural gas heating systems for their home or business.

  • More affordable: Natural gas costs less to use than any other energy source including electricity.
  • Greater comfort: Natural gas furnaces deliver air at a comfortable 120 – 125F, versus electric air-source heat pumps, which deliver air at lower than body temperature at a cool 90 – 100F.  
  • Safe: Natural gas equipment has a great safety record and state-of-the-art equipment now has advanced capabilities, like auto-shut off.
  • Better for the environment: High-efficiency natural gas furnaces are more environmentally friendly than even geothermal heat pumps which require electricity to operate. 

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 New Construction Services

Let CenterPoint Energy help you get ready for the construction season. Take advantage of the many services available and avoid unnecessary delays and unexpected costs.


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 Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-irritating. Any fuel-burning equipment or appliance has the potential to produce CO, and annual check-ups of these appliances help ensure proper and safe operation.  If you are in a room with operating gas equipment and experience a headache, followed by dizziness and nausea, you may be experiencing CO poisoning. Get fresh air immediately, and call CenterPoint Energy. Click here to learn more about CO safety.