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My Account Online
My Account Online
What is My Account Online?
My Account Online is a free tool providing you with access to your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a secure setting.

When you register for My Account Online, you can:
  • View and pay your bill online
  • Enroll in account services like Automatic Bank Draft
  • Use the My Energy Analyzer tool to discover energy savings
  • Review account activity and gas use for the past 24 months
  • And much more
How do I set up My Account Online?
To register for My Account Online, you will need your account number which can be found on your bill. Once registered, log in using your User ID and password.
What is my User ID and password?
Your User ID for My Account Online is your email address, which is not case-sensitive. Your password is case sensitive must be from eight to 20 characters, and have at least one number and one letter.
What is the purpose of a security question?
You will be asked to choose a security question and provide an answer for additional security in the event that you forget your password or need to create a new password.
What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, you will be required to answer the security question you selected. When you answer the question correctly, you'll be asked to reset your password. For your privacy and security, customer service representatives do not have access to your password and cannot retrieve it for you.
What if I change my email address?
Your email address is also your My Account Online User ID. Therefore, if you change your email address you'll need to update your CenterPoint Energy online account right away. This will ensure that you continue to receive important account information and have access to your information.

To update your email address, from the left-and navigation, select "Change User ID and Password." Then follow the prompts.
What if my name changes?
If your name changes, please call CenterPoint Energy to update your account.
Can I manage multiple accounts in My Account Online?
Yes, if you're a registered My Account Online user, you'll use the same User ID and password for all your online accounts. Log in and click on "Add an Account" in the left-hand navigation to add additional accounts.
Account Information
Can I view and print my most recent bill?
Yes, click the "View/Print" Button at the top of each screen within your online account.
Can I view past bills online?
When you enroll in Online Billing, you can view up to 13 months of bills and payments. Your bill history begins when you enroll in the program. To access past bills, from your "Account Details" screen, click "View Online Billing," then choose "Online Bill Payment History.
What if I have questions about the charges on my bill?
Click the "View/Print Bill" Button at the top right of the My Account Online screen to view your current bill. Then click the "Back of Bill" link at the top of the page for a description of the charges that appear on your bill.

You can also use our free My Energy Analyzer tool to learn more about the factors that contribute to your monthly energy use. From the Account Details Page select the My Energy Analyzer link that appears beneath the Gas Usage section.
How can I get my payment history?
Online Billing customers can view their payment and usage history for up to 24 months. If you are an Online Billing, to review your payment history, click the "Online Bill and Payment" link that appears on your Account Detail page.
How can I get my past gas usage?
To review your usage history, click the "View gas usage" link that appears on your Account Detail page.
How is my gas meter read?
A meter reading is the method of measurement by which CenterPoint Energy determines how much natural gas you have used since the last meter reading and how much you should be billed. Meters may be read manually or remotely using automated meter reading equipment. You may receive an estimated bill if CenterPoint Energy is unable to get a current meter reading in a particular billing period.

For more information about meter reading, review the back of your natural gas bill. To do so, click the "View/Print Bill" link that appears at the top of your My Account Online page. Then select the "Back of Bill" link.
What is an estimated bill?
You may receive an estimated bill if CenterPoint Energy is unable to read your meter during a particular billing period. Estimates are based on your past natural gas use and weather for the current billing period. CenterPoint Energy tries to read all customer meters regularly. You can help avoid estimated bills by reading your own gas meter.

For detailed instructions on how to read your meter and who to contact with the meter reading, click "View/Print Bill" then review the "Back of Bill" link for a description.
I would like to stop gas service. What do I need to do?
Click the "Your Gas Services" link that appears in the left navigation of your Account Details page. Then complete the "Stop Service" form. CenterPoint Energy will send your final bill and close out your account.
I would like to transfer my gas service. What do I need to do?
Complete the "Transfer Service" form under the Natural Gas Service heading in My Account Online. CenterPoint Energy will send your final bill for your current location and start service at your new location. We will also give you a new account number. Once you have your new account number, you can add this account to your My Account Online profile. Your old account will be deleted from My Account Online.

If you want to set up Online Billing, Automatic Bank Draft, Average Monthly Billing or Budget Plan for your new account, you can do that in My Account Online.
How do I add/update my contact information?
You can add/update your account information from the "Your Account Details" page. Select the "Update Account Information" link that appear under the "Account Maintenance" heading in the lower right of you're my Account Online screen.
Can I make payment arrangements or request a payment extension online?
If you are having trouble paying your bill, you can request a payment arrangement or extension from the "Your Account Details" page. Click on the links under "Payment Options" in My Account Online.
Can I change the payment arrangements I've made?
To change credit or payment arrangements, you must call the number listed under "Contact Us" and talk with a CenterPoint Energy customer service representative during the hours shown.
Paying my bill online
What are my payment options?
My Account Online payment options include:
  • Make an immediate payment with Online Billing or One-Time Payment.

Online Billing offers fast, free and secure paperless bill payment. When you enroll in Online Billing, we'll email you when your bill is ready to view and pay. Choose to pay your with checking or savings account, or debit* or credit* card. View past bills online for up to 13 months.

One-Time Payment offers immediate online payments without enrolling in Online Billing. Enter your account information each time to pay. Pay by checking or savings account, or debit* or credit* card.

*Debit and credit card payments include a small third-party service fee. CenterPoint Energy does not receive any portion of this fee.

  • Schedule future payments. When you enroll in Online Billing, you can schedule future payments on any date before your due date.
  • Set up automatic payments. Enroll in Automatic Bank Draft to set up recurring, automatic payments while continuing to receive your paper bill. If you want automatic payments and paperless billing, sign up for Online Billing and choose "Automatic Bank Draft."
How do I pay my bill online?
Click the "Pay Now" button at the top of your Account Details screen. If you have not enrolled in Online Billing, you can choose between two online payment options: Online Billing and One-Time Payment. If you have already enrolled in Online Billing, you will only see the Online Billing payment option.
How long does it take to process my online payment?
Online payments are immediate and processed on the date the payment is scheduled.
Can I make a partial payment?
You can make a partial payment on your bill by entering the amount you choose to pay in the payment block. Any remaining balance not paid by the due date may be subject to a late fee.
Can I make an overpayment?
If you would like to make payments in advance, you can make an overpayment on your bill by typing into the payment block the amount you'd like to pay. You will receive a message notifying you that the payment you are making will result in an overpayment.
Can I cancel a payment I've scheduled?
If you make your payments online manually each month through Online Billing, you can cancel a pending or scheduled payment up until the date before the payment is scheduled.
Is there a maximum amount I can pay using a credit or debit card?
There is a limit of $1,000 per credit or debit card transaction.
Is there a maximum number of credit card transactions that can be processed?
You can make up to three credit card payments using the same credit card in a five day period or up to three credit card payments on the same CenterPoint Energy account in a five day period.
Can I change the bank account I use to pay my bill online?
You will need to select or add a new bank account before deleting the current account you have designated for bill payment. To select a different bank account or add a new bank account, you should:
  • Click the "Select a bank account section" that is located in the left navigation.
  • Either select an account listed or add a new bank account.
  • Complete the rest of the information requested and select "Modify."

If you are an Online Billing customer you can log in to My Account Online and update your desired bank payment information. However, if you select to have your bill(s) paid automatically by your bank each month, you must change your bank selection at least two business days before the scheduled payment date to have your payment made from a different account.

If you use the One-Time Payment service, you will need to manually enter your bank account information each time.
How do I get help if I am having trouble paying my bill online?
Please review the rest of the FAQs and see if your question can be answered. If not, Contact Us.
How do I pay my bill through my bank?
Contact your bank to learn how to pay your natural gas bill through your bank's online service.
Online Billing
How do I enroll in Online Billing?
  1. Once you have logged in to My Account Online, under the Payment Options category, choose "Enroll in Online Billing and Payment."
  2. Complete the online form.
How will I know when my bill is ready to pay?
We will send you an email notice when your bill is ready to view and pay online. Be sure to add to your address book to prevent our email from being blocked or misdirected by your spam filter. You may always log in to My Account Online to see if you have a new bill.
How do I change the email address where I receive my bill?
It is important to keep your email address current in Online Billing because it is your User ID and the only way we notify you that your next bill is ready to view and pay online. If your email address changes, you can easily change it by logging in to My Account Online with your old email address, then selecting "Change User ID and Password" from the left navigation.
How do I change my payment method?
Whether you choose to set up Automatic Bank Draft or prefer to pay your bill online manually each month, it's possible to change your payment selection. Just follow these easy step-by-step instructions:
  1. Log in to My Account Online 
  2. Select "Online Billing and Payment," which is located under the Payment Options section. 
  3. Choose "Change Payment Method" 
  4. You can also change your bank account under the "Select a bank account" section. Either select an account listed or add a new bank account 
  5. Complete the rest of the information requested and select "Modify"
Can I pay my bill online without enrolling in Online Billing?
Yes, you may use our One-Time Payment service.
If I'm already set up for automatic payments; can I still enroll in Online Billing?
Yes. When you enroll in Online Billing, you'll have the choice to continue automatic monthly payments, switch to scheduling monthly payments or make an immediate payment.
Do I have to set up automatic payments if I enroll in Online Billing?
No. You can choose between automatic monthly payments, scheduling monthly payments or making an immediate payment.
Can I enroll multiple accounts in Online Billing?
Yes. Customers who have more than one CenterPoint Energy account can register all of them for the convenience of Online Billing. You will need to make payment selections and provide bank account numbers for each additional account.
How do I de-enroll from Online Billing?

On the Account Detail screen, click "View Online Billing and Payment" located under Payment Options. Click "De-Enroll" next to Online Billing Status and follow the prompts. You will be asked to check that your most recent bill has been paid.

Then, beginning with your next billing date, you'll receive your paper bill in the mail. Be sure you have paid your most recent online bill before de-enrolling. Once you de-enroll, any scheduled or pending payments will be automatically cancelled.

NOTE: If you are de-enrolling Online Billing because you forgot to pay your bill, did you know we now offer bill reminders by text or email? To sign up, choose the "Sign up for bill reminders" link in the lower right side of your My Account Online screen.

My Energy Analyzer
What is My Energy Analyzer?
My Energy Analyzer is a free online tool designed to help customers better understand their natural gas bill by taking a closer look at the factors that affect monthly energy costs.
  • See how your energy dollars are spent 
  • Learn how your natural gas costs differ from last month or last year 
  • Compare energy use by appliance 
  • Explore no-cost or low-cost solutions for lowering your energy use 
  • Learn how efficiency upgrades can affect your bottom line 
Rebate Programs
Do you offer rebates for energy efficient equipment?
If you live in Minnesota, Arkansas or Oklahoma, you may qualify for energy-saving rebates. For more information, visit
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