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Green Balance
Enhanced supply Green Balance is a carbon-neutral gas purchase program that enables commercial customers to purchase Green Credits to offset all or a portion of their carbon emissions created during natural gas combustion.

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What is Green Balance?

  • A carbon-neutral gas purchase program
  • Applies Green Credits to a customer's regular natural gas purchases in order to offset the carbon emissions that are created during natural gas combustion
  • A Green Credit, also referred to as a carbon credit or carbon offset, is the reduction, sequestration or avoidance of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide, or other carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
  • Green Credits are sourced from voluntary carbon emissions reduction projects that meet nationally recognized standards

Why should I consider it?

  • Allows customers to manage their carbon footprint, meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and promote environmental stewardship
  • Customers may select desired level of carbon-neutrality
  • Preempt possible government regulations or legislative emissions reduction mandates

How much will it cost?

  • Cost varies based on desired level of emissions reduction
  • For total neutrality, the program typically increases natural gas costs by 10 to 15 percent (assuming 100 percent offset of carbon emissions)
  • Cost appears as a separate line item on monthly natural gas invoice

What else do I get?

  • Improve company reputation, enhance stakeholder perception and promote positive brand image
  • Ability to expand business to customers or vendors that have environmental management requirements
  • Do business with a solid, experienced national energy company

Download the Green Balance Frequently Asked Questions sheet (PDF)
Download Green Balance fact sheet (PDF)
Download Green Balance worksheet (PDF)