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Mobile Energy Solutions

CES offers compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) for situations where portable, temporary natural gas supply is needed. Whether it be a pipeline outage emergency or other short-term situations, our Mobile Energy Solutions (MES) team is available around-the-clock to provide customers with natural gas supply solutions.

For nearly two decades, our gas delivery and transport technology has been tested and proven in live conditions when emergency fuel was needed to maintain operations. We possess the field expertise and equipment necessary to meet our customers’ needs quickly and safely. Our technicians are certified and trained in operator qualification regulations and requirements of the Texas Railroad Commission and Department of Transportation. This experience allows us to custom-tailor solutions to the specific needs of our customers, which may include varied delivery methods, service timeframes, volumes, pressures, flow rates and more.

Our capabilities:

Situations where MES portable CNG/LNG can help:

  CNG Supply   MES Worker

Scott Ogren
(713) 962-1152
Dimitri Karastamatis
(713) 303-8499

 • Portable, temporary CNG or LNG supply
 • Flexible solutions to meet customers’ needs
 • Quick response rate
 • Available 24 hours a day
 • Fully insured
 • Skilled and certified technicians
 • CNG/LNG supply during pipeline integrity testing outages
 • CNG/LNG supply during pipeline maintenance and pigging operations
 • CNG/LNG supply during emergency pipeline outages
 • Portable CNG/LNG for winter peak shaving
 • Portable CNG/LNG during start up and commissioning of equipment and facilities
 • High pressure CNG for natural gas well pressurization