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Green Fuel for vehicles

Green Fuel for Vehicles  Green Balance for Homes and Businesses
Green Balance is a carbon-neutral gas purchase program. The program applies Green Credits* to your natural gas purchase in order to offset all or a portion of the carbon emissions created during natural gas combustion. By participating in the Green Balance program, your company can conveniently manage its carbon footprint and meet greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals while promoting environmental stewardship.

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*A Green Credit represents the reduction, avoidance or sequestration of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. Green Credits are the same as carbon credits or carbon offsets.

CES offers customized natural gas services to supply to fast-growing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vehicle fuels market:

Competitively priced natural gas supply for both private fleet and public CNG refueling stations
Flexible price options to support different retail fuel sales models
Daily supply management to balance consumption, manage costs and ensure availability
High-pressure service to reduce compressor loads and improve efficiency
CNG and LNG delivered on-site for temporary supply when pipeline access is not an option

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