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Wholesale Customers
Natural Gas Purchase, Transport and Storage
About CenterPoint Energy Services CenterPoint Energy Services (CES)
wholesale team manages acquisition of natural gas, transportation and storage capacity across 40 different pipeline systems.  CES is rated in the top 25 North American Gas Marketers in physical volume with assets well positioned to supply growing market areas.

Physical and financial trading, asset optimization
Whether a natural gas producer, energy utility or large end-use consumer, CES wholesale provides competitive services, products and infrastructure to meet your unique business needs.

1 Bcf/day of firm pipeline capacity.

Our Customers:

  • Gas/Electric Utilities
  • Chemical Plants/Refineries
  • Natural Gas Producers
  • Resellers
  • Aggregators
  • Many others

Our Services:

  • Aggregation and wellhead physical supply
  • Pipeline and storage capacity and management
  • Structured risk management products
  • Technical and fundamental market analysis
  • NYMEX and basis trading
  • Weather-triggered pricing options

If you are interested in CES wholesale services, please contact CES  today!

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