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Can I plant trees near power transmission lines?

No. Plant trees away from high-voltage transmission lines.

It's important to distinguish between higher voltage transmission lines, which are on large steel towers or poles within rights-of-way owned by CenterPoint Energy, and comparatively lower voltage distribution lines, which are on wooden poles along roadways or in easements along property lines. Much greater clearance from trees is needed for high-voltage transmission lines than for distribution lines.

CenterPoint Energy's large transmission conductors serve many industrial, commercial and residential customers. If a tree touches a transmission line, service to thousands of homes and businesses may be interrupted. Hazardous current may travel down the tree, into the ground, and across local underground cables and pipes causing severe damage to public and private property. To prevent this hazardous situation and ensure safety and reliability, tall-growing trees in the transmission rights-of-way will be removed.

In short, you should plant trees away from high-voltage transmission lines.