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What if I want a tree removed?

CenterPoint Energy may remove trees that are close to our power lines based on factors such as the types of equipment affected, the type of tree, its growth rate, its appearance after normal line clearance maintenance, size, health, ongoing line clearance requirements, etc. The tree crew leader, supervisor or a CenterPoint Energy forester will determine whether or not a tree should be removed.

When a hardwood tree is removed, the contractor will apply a herbicide to the stump to ensure that the tree’s root system will not try to re-sprout. State and federal regulatory agencies (e.g. EPA, TDA) have approved all herbicides utilized by CenterPoint Energy contract crews.

All our contract crews have been trained to properly handle and apply herbicides as well as answer any questions about their use. For more information on pesticide usage on or around CenterPoint Energy facilities, contact a forester at 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143.

Remember, never attempt to remove any tree next to a power line yourself – call us for assistance at 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143.