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How long do I have to wait for debris to be removed?

Normally, tree trimming debris should be removed from your property on the same day the work is performed. Occasionally, it may be left overnight and removed the next morning but only after the contractor has properly notified you and/or received your consent.

Please note, however, that property owners, not CenterPoint Energy, are responsible for clearing debris resulting from emergency tree trimming for service restoration caused by fallen/broken trees, following routine inclement weather, or in the immediate aftermath of a major storm or other natural disaster.

If a dead or dying tree is posing a threat to CenterPoint Energy’s electrical delivery equipment, the company may cut the tree down at no expense to the landowner if it can be done safely and without damaging other personal property. Although CenterPoint Energy may cut the tree down at no cost, the property owner is responsible for disposing of the debris left on site.