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Tree Trimming Contractors
Our partners in vegetation management
CenterPoint Energy employs degreed foresters to oversee tree trimming operations. We follow professional standards for trimming trees near power lines to provide safe and reliable electricity to homes and businesses throughout Houston. Trees that grow close to our electric facilities and power lines will be trimmed by a professional tree trimming company under contract with CenterPoint Energy. Our current contractors include:

Planned tree trimming

When we plan tree trimming, a contractor will place a door hanger with contact information on your door – unless immediate action is required or it is not obvious where to leave a card. If you contact the contractor, they will make an appointment with you to address your concerns before the work is done. Contact the contractor, rather than CenterPoint Energy, to set an appointment.

Customer requests for tree trimming

If you have not received a door hanger indicating we will be trimming trees in your area, but you feel your trees are too close to any electrical facility, we encourage you to call CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143 to request tree trimming.

A representative from CenterPoint Energy will inspect the tree to determine if it requires trimming. If the tree does not create an obvious hazard or service reliability problem, we may defer maintenance until area-wide trimming is done in the future.