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Electricity theft is illegal & dangerous
Meter tampering is a prosecutable crime and a serious safety hazard

Electricity TheftEach year, CenterPoint Energy and other utility companies nationwide estimate that electricity theft costs them over a billion dollars in revenue. A significant amount of electricity theft is due to meter tampering.

Electricity theft is an ongoing problem for all electricity providers, as well as customers, and is punishable by jail time, fines or both. Most cases of electricity theft occur when violators physically alter the internal mechanism of their electric meters. As a result, violators are not charged for the total number of kilowatt-hours actually used, causing lost revenue for both utility companies and retail electric providers. Ultimately, electricity theft causes higher monthly bills for customers, too.

What many perpetrators do not realize is that tampering with live electricity inside a meter is dangerous and could result in a fire or electrocution. We take extensive measures to prevent cases of electricity theft and the new smart meters that are currently being deployed are helping us to respond to meter tampering even faster.

As a CenterPoint Energy customer, we encourage you to report any evidence that you may see of meter tampering in your area. The information you provide will be delivered to our field operations group and an investigation will be conducted.

Call 1-877-570-5770 or click on the button below to report suspicious activity in your area.

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