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Economic benefits
Smart meter installation creates and retains jobs

CenterPoint Energy's smart meter installation has created and retained jobs, from the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of meters; to the construction and maintenance of communications infrastructure; to computer hardware and software. Smart meters create new opportunities for CenterPoint Energy employees, from metering, to telecommunications, to information technology, to business analysis.

As a result of the U.S. Department of Energy selecting CenterPoint Energy for a Smart Grid Investment Grant under the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act, hundreds of jobs were created and retained as the smart meter deployment was accelerated and intelligent grid construction has begun.

Accelerating the smart grid required the manufacturing and installation of meters, relays, switching gear, and other hardware products. Creating and installing this technology required a multi-disciplined, labor-intensive effort that not only created jobs, but will create a sustainable job market.  New computer hardware and innovative software are also required for the implementation of this new technology.  The development, implementation, and technical assistance required for this advanced technology will create many sustainable positions throughout the information technology sector.

These jobs fall across a broad spectrum of the labor force. Factory employees were hired or retained to manufacture more meters and switching gear, software and computer hardware sales have increased, and new employees will be needed to make necessary modifications to the company’s utility distribution system.

These jobs have been created and preserved across the nation. Due to the geographic diversity of the company’s selected vendors of equipment, job benefits have been preserved or created not only in the Houston area, but in various communities across the nation, from South Carolina to Minnesota.