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Consumer Benefits of Smart Meters
New products, more savings, better service

Smart meters make possible a new energy future:

  • Remote meter reading - CenterPoint Energy  reads smart meters remotely, which means more privacy for residents, fewer estimated meter reads, and easy on-demand reads. 
  • Remote service connection/disconnection - Faster service, lower cost to consumers to move or switch Retail Electric Providers (REPs). No more fees for starting or switching service.
  • Automated outage notification - Smart meters automatically notify CenterPoint Energy about power outages to help us restore power more quickly. Customers can sign up to receive text/email/phone alerts when their power goes out along with an estimated time of restoration.
  • Energy efficiency and savings – view your electric usage history at to better manage energy costs by making small changes such as adjusting the thermostat, turning off lights, changing to CFL light bulbs, and unplugging items.
  • New products and services - Retail Electric Providers (REPs), who sell electricity, can now offer new services such as pre-paid service, ”free nights and weekends,” or energy analysis tools. 
  • Home Area Networks (HAN) – Smart meters can interact with ZigBee-compatible HAN devices such as thermostats or other electric appliances so you can monitor and control your electricity use.

Ask your Retail Electric Provider about their smart-meter-enabled offerings.

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