Thunder Pipeline Company holds open season

CenterPoint Energy - Thunder Pipeline Company, LLC, an indirect, wholly-owned intrastate natural gas pipeline subsidiary of CenterPoint Energy, Inc., is holding a non-binding open season for firm capacity on a new pipeline originating in western Oklahoma. As a result of the growth in the western Oklahoma areas such as Cana/Woodford, Granite Wash and Colony Wash, Thunder will be conducting this non-binding open season to seek expressions of interest for a new intrastate pipeline. The pipeline will serve this production corridor for delivery to markets in Oklahoma, and downstream interconnects with other intrastate and interstate pipelines, including Bennington, OK area pipelines and CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Company’s (CEGT) Line AD. 

The specific facilities required will be a function of the location and volume level commitment of potential supply sources and the requested delivery areas. Final pricing determinations will be based on the facility costs, the level of firm commitments and the amount of interest indicated in accessing downstream markets. CenterPoint Energy will consider proposals of any contract term length, but anticipates that long-term commitments will be necessary to complete a project.

If you wish to indicate your interest in incremental firm capacity out of western Oklahoma, please download the open season below, fill out the attached form and email or fax it to Thunder Pipeline Company, LLC prior to 4 p.m. CST on July 14, 2011. Should you have any questions regarding this open season, please contact one of the following representatives:

Bryan Ginsburg (713) 207-5166
Robert Redding (918) 382-5102
Kathy Kennedy (713) 207-5189
Linda Roberts (713) 207-3390
Mike Stoll (314) 991-7405


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CenterPoint Energy's proposed Thunder Pipeline holds open season for firm capacity in Oklahoma