At CenterPoint Energy we don't take Safety for Granted
Hurricane Workshop

CenterPoint Energy prepares for the worst every hurricane season, and so should you.

At CenterPoint Energy, we care about the communities and people we serve, and have created the valuable information below to keep you prepared for when a storm threatens or in the aftermath of a severe storm.

Hurricane Safety

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparation Facts

Visit the CenterPoint Energy Storm Center

Electricity can be one of the most productive forces on earth. It can also be dangerous if not used properly. CenterPointEnergy works hard to communicate the importance of being safe around electricity.

Visit the CenterPointOutage Tracker 

Electrical outages

Electrical outages

Hurricane Safety

Trees & Vegetation

Safety Tips

Safety en Espanol

CenterPointEnergy's Electric Universe website, is where you can find hundreds of Web pages with educational information, games and activities related to electricity and electrical safety.

Electric Universe

Natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable fuels available. For your protection, we add an odorant to natural gas, so you can detect even the slightest amount in the air.

Natural gas leak- What to do if you smell gas

Carbon monoxide

Maintaining your Gas Pipelines

Weather emergencies

Natural gas appliances

Safety en Espanol

At Energy Underground, teachers and students will find natural gas information, videos, games and activities for students of all ages

                                             Energy Underground

Know the facts about natural gas pipelines, how to locate them, dig safely near them, keep them secure, and what to do if you smell gas.

Pipeline emergencies- How to recognize a pipeline emergency

Facts You Should Know

Living and Working Near Pipelines

Emergency Responders & Public Officials

Safety en Espanol

Call 811. It's Safe. It's Free. It's the law.Find out how you can prevent an interruption of service or a potentially hazardous situation.


                    Call before you dig