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Electric Delivery Services

Electric Delivery Services

Indoor Safety Tips

These tips will help you work and play safely indoors.

Know the Location of Your Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box
Know and label which circuit breakers or fuses cover which areas of your home. Learn how to replace fuses or reset your circuit breakers.

Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)
These devices monitor how much electricity flows into and out of an appliance. If an electrical leak is detected, GFCIs cut the power to faulty appliances in a fraction of a second.

Prevent Electrical Fires
Today's average home consumes about six times as much electricity as the average home 20 years ago. Many older homes are not properly wired for today's electrical loads.

Keep Holidays Bright – and Safe
Be careful not to overload your circuits with holiday lighting. Watch for flickering lights, sparks from appliances or wall outlets, warm switch plates, plugs or outlets, and dimming lights or television screens.

Do's and Don'ts For Extension Cords
To prevent home fires and other electrical accidents when using extension cords, follow these guidelines.