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Electric Delivery Services

Electric Delivery Services

Electric Appliance Safety Tips

Before buying an electric appliance, be sure it is approved by an authorized consumer laboratory such as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Look for the laboratory's approval symbol. Large appliances, such as washers and dryers, should have their own circuits. Also, be sure a three-pronged plug "grounds" each appliance.

Safe Usage Guidelines
Follow these to guidelines to use electric appliances safely.

Repair & Maintenance Guidelines
Keep your appliances in good working order with these tips.

Portable Electric Space Heaters
Portable electric space heaters are the safest room heaters. There's no odor, no flame and no fuel to fill or spill. But like all electric appliances, they need to be used safety.

Standby Generators
If you're thinking of installing a standby generator in your home, follow these guidelines and make sure it's properly installed by an experienced electrician only.

Portable Generators
If you buy a portable generator for your home, follow these safety guidelines.