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Most natural gas service in Horseshoe Lake restored
CenterPoint Energy urges customers to call to verify status of gas service

HOUSTON - December 9, 2011 - CenterPoint Energy has restored natural gas service to nearly half of the 340 Horseshoe Lake customers that lost service Wednesday following a problem at one of the company’s regulator stations.

Turning gas service back on requires CenterPoint Energy employees to have access to each location to light pilots and perform necessary safety checks on appliances.

“We were able to restore service to those residents who were home to provide our employees with access, but because quite a few of the affected meters are at weekend homes, we were not able to restore service since no one was home to let us in,” said Jody Pickens, CenterPoint Energy’s district operations manager.

CenterPoint Energy is asking area residents who own a premise in Horseshoe Lake to contact the company’s call center at 800-992-7552 to verify whether or not their gas service has been interrupted. If a customer’s service is off, customers can set up an appointment, including one for Saturday, and one of our trained technicians will accompany each homeowner to inspect their home and restore their natural gas service.

Additionally, the company reminds customers that if you smell natural gas inside or outside your home or business, you should:

  • Leave the area immediately and tell others to leave too
  • Do not turn the lights on or off, smoke, strike a match, use a cell phone or operate anything that might cause a spark, including a flashlight or a generator.
  • Do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off. Once safely away from the area, call 800-992-7552, and CenterPoint Energy will send a trained service technician immediately.