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Energy efficiency programs helped CenterPoint Energy natural gas customers save more than $9 million
Programs in Minnesota, Arkansas and Oklahoma also led to conservation of more than 1.6 BCF of natural gas

MINNEAPOLIS, February 20, 2013 – According to a recent report from the American Gas Association (AGA), “natural gas utilities increased their investment in natural gas efficiency programs, resulting in total savings of more than $300 million for natural gas customers in the United States in 2011 – about $107 per household – and offset 6.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.” 

CenterPoint Energy’s customers contributed their share of energy savings in 2011. In Minnesota, Arkansas and Oklahoma, CenterPoint Energy has assisted customers in conservation efforts that saved a total of 1.63 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas. This is enough energy to supply 18,500 households for one year with natural gas and adds up to $9.79 million in energy cost savings. These programs have also benefited the environment by reducing CenterPoint Energy’s customers’ total carbon footprint by 87,200 metric tons, or enough to remove 14,500 cars from U.S. roadways for one year.

“CenterPoint Energy has significantly expanded our energy efficiency programs over the last three years, which help residential and business customers lower their energy costs,” said Debbie Korenek, division vice president of Marketing and Sales for CenterPoint Energy. “These energy saving programs include rebates for high efficiency heating and water heating equipment and low flow devices, such as showerheads, spray valves and faucet aerators for residential and business customers and commercial foodservice equipment rebates.”

In Minnesota, a state with Conservation Improvement Programs since 1992, residential customers can also benefit from rebates for air sealing & insulation and natural gas fireplaces with electronic ignition, as well as Home Energy Audits and a joint gas/electric program with Xcel Energy called the Home Energy Squad. New in 2013 are $25 rebates for heating system tune-ups. In addition, Minnesota commercial/industrial customers can benefit from a healthier bottom line with a variety of rebates for custom process equipment.

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In addition to having the option to participate in CenterPoint Energy’s natural gas efficiency programs, customers also benefit from lower natural gas prices, and are therefore saving even more on heating their home, water, cooking meals and drying clothes with clean-burning natural gas.

Some of the key benefits of natural gas include:

Affordable: Natural gas costs less to use than electricity, propane and heating oil, keeping customers’ monthly bills lower.
Abundant and Domestic: There is more than a 100-year supply of natural gas in the United States and 98 percent of the natural gas used in the U.S. comes from North America.
Spurs Economic Development: The natural gas industry currently employs nearly 3 million Americans, and is adding even more jobs, providing a boost to the American economy.
Safe: Natural gas appliances have a great safety record and state-of-the-art equipment now has advanced capabilities like auto-shut off.
Clean: A natural gas home leaves about half the carbon footprint of an all-electric home.

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