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CenterPoint Energy issues important pre-storm natural gas safety tips

September 2, 2011 - As Louisiana and Mississippi residents along the coast prepare for the heavy rains that the tropical system in the Gulf will bring, CenterPoint Energy recommends the following natural gas safety tips:

  • DO NOT to turn off natural gas at the meter. The gas meter should be left on to maintain proper pressure in the gas piping within the house and to prevent water from entering the lines should flooding occur.
  • If a customer does wish to discontinue gas service, turn off the gas at each appliance. Later, to restore gas service to an appliance, it is only necessary to follow the written instructions located on the appliance for relighting. If unable to locate instructions, call a qualified plumber.
  • Though CenterPoint Energy’s gas lines are buried underground and are not normally affected by strong winds, high water or other abnormal weather conditions, the company is fully prepared to respond to any emergency situation that might arise during a hurricane.
  • To report natural gas emergencies, call 888-876-5786.

For more information on natural gas safety, visit our Storm Center.