Furnace or Boiler tune-up

Lower your chance of a furnace breakdown

Records show that customers who have annual furnace tune-ups have one-third fewer furnace breakdowns*.

CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus® (HSP) Furnace Tune-up/Safety Check includes:

  • Carbon monoxide: Check for presence of unsafe levels of CO at the time the tune-up is performed.
  • Combustion chamber/heat exchanger: Technician will check condition of both.
  • Burner flame: Check for proper characteristics, including gas and air adjustment; clean burner, as necessary.
  • Pilot/igniter: Check operation and clean as necessary. 
  • Motors: Check operation and oil as needed (oil pump if boiler); replace belts, if necessary.
  • Vent pipe to chimney: Check condition of pipe and draft intensity.
  • Burner compartment: Remove dust and scale from compartment and other key parts.
  • Flame sensor/pilot safety timer: Check condition and replace thermocouple, as necessary.
  • Blower wheel: Check condition of and clean, as necessary.
  • Furnace filters: Check condition and indicate proper replacement size.
  • Controls: Check operational control sequence, including safety controls and thermostat.

We’ll also:

  • Restart your furnace or boiler
  • Check and adjust gas input to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Provide a written record of your tune-up
  • Provide answers to your operating, maintenance and efficiency questions


$119.95 covers the cost on one unit, tune-ups on additional units at the same address are $79.95 each.

Add coverage to your HSP Repair Plan at a discounted rate.

Enroll in maintenance coverage!   
CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus repair and maintenance services are available to homeowners throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities Metro Area and in many parts of Greater Minnesota. To enroll in coverage, complete our online enrollment form, or call 612-333-1664 in the metro area; toll-free 877-HSP-1664 in Greater Minnesota.

*Source: HSP repair records