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Terms, Conditions & Options of Your Repair Plan
Gas & Electric Appliances
Conditions of your CenterPoint Energy Home Service Plus® Repair Plan
1.This contract applies to one single family residence per contract.
2.Appliances and equipment must meet code requirements and be in operating condition at the time contract service begins. CenterPoint Energy must have safe access to and safe working conditions at and around the appliances and equipment.
3.CenterPoint Energy shall not be responsible for charges for service or parts you have others provide. 4.CenterPoint Energy may not be able to make certain repairs due to unavailability of parts from its regular parts suppliers, which include several major parts distributors. Unavailability can result from parts no longer being manufactured. The likelihood of parts being unavailable is greater with older appliances. CenterPoint Energy also reserves the right to restrict specific makes of appliances from eligibility due to non-availability of parts. The choice of parts to be used shall be at the discretion of CenterPoint Energy.
5.CenterPoint Energy reserves the right not to repair the appliance and to recommend replacement by you when the cost of repair exceeds the value of the existing appliance.
6.CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for losses of any kind, including direct or indirect damages, death, illness or injury resulting from conditions or events beyond CenterPoint Energy’s control that impair CenterPoint Energy’s ability to provide services under this contract. Such conditions include piping, venting or other pre-existing incompatible sizing issues, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties, extreme weather conditions, acts of God, and other conditions beyond CenterPoint Energy’s control. CenterPoint Energy is not responsible for indirect, consequential or incidental damages (indirect losses or injuries) in any circumstance.
7.CenterPoint Energy may, at its discretion, use qualified contractors to fulfill all or any part of its obligation under the terms of this agreement. In the event we are unable to provide service due to factors beyond our control, customers may submit invoices for covered repairs completed by other providers for reimbursement by CenterPoint Energy.
8.CenterPoint Energy’s Home Service Plus Repair Plan does not cover any material, parts and labor required as the result of abuse, vandalism, fire, freezing, acts of God, power or water supply outages, flooded cellars other than main sewer back-ups (if coverage has been selected), or other abnormal conditions. CenterPoint Energy will not be required to perform repair plan services until any asbestos hazard is eliminated and CenterPoint Energy determines, at its discretion, that no hazard exists.
9.To assure continued protection, the contract will be automatically renewed at the end of 12 months at regular prices (non-promotional prices and terms then in effect) unless cancelled by you or CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint Energy or you may cancel this contract at that time by giving written notice to the other within thirty (30) days of your contract anniversary date. (Coverage on all optional appliances will be automatically renewed on your basic Repair Plan contract anniversary date at the price and terms then in effect for optional appliance coverage.) Regardless of anniversary date, you will receive the full amount of any promotional offer according to the terms of that offer. The current terms, conditions, pricing and parts list are available online at
10.You are purchasing the Repair Plan contract for one full year. For your convenience, if you move from the covered residence during the term of your Repair Plan contract, your Repair Plan contract will be transferred to your new address, if it is within our repair service territory. When you transfer your account, your Repair Plan anniversary date will be adjusted, with the 12-month term beginning on your transfer date.
11.If payments are late, CenterPoint Energy may demand immediate payment of the greater of the entire amount you owe under the one-year term of the contract or immediate payment of the cost (labor and parts), of all service provided to you less any payments made by you to CenterPoint Energy. Further, if your Repair Plan account reaches 120 days past due, CenterPoint Energy will cancel your Repair Plan, including all optional coverage. You remain liable for the amount owed as set forth above. If you pay what is owed on all HSP plans within the one-year Repair Plan contract period, all HSP contract plans will be reinstated.
12.Inspections and routine preventive maintenance are not covered by the Home Service Plus Repair Plan but are available at an extra charge.
13.Parts not shown in the coverage chart and related labor are not covered.
1.Appliance installation, disconnection, inspection and manufacturer recommended maintenance. 2.Labor and materials for cleaning boiler water, draining expansion tanks, venting radiators, water supply problems separate from the appliance.
3.Labor or equipment rental cost of gaining access to or removal of any unit that requires special equipment or tools such as cranes, ladder trucks, etc.
4.Labor and materials for repair or replacement of the following appliances and parts: coin-operated clothes washers and clothes dryers, heat exchangers, humidifiers, air cleaners, air filters, correction of any problems connected directly to the air distribution system such as duct work, register faces, condenser coil, compressor or associated refrigerant lines, sealed refrigeration unit, zone controls, accessories or the like.
5.Damage caused by corrosion, corrosion occurring in an atmosphere containing chlorine, or rust and any other labor or parts not shown on the coverage chart inside.

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Total Repair Plan

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