Restoring Houston Safely
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Stay Safe. Stay Informed. Learn what you can do.
Flood Restoration
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How to Spot a Utility Scam
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Know what to look for & what to do if you’re targeted.
Scam Info
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Keeping you safe
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Before cleaning up debris, call 811 to have underground lines marked.
Keeping you safe
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Sign Up For Power Alert Service
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Receive email, text or phone notifications when the power goes out.
Power Alert Service
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Restoring Power After Severe Weather
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Smart Meters, Intelligent Grid, Drones help crews restore electricity.
Watch and Learn
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
Electric Utility
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Electric Utility
Electric Plans
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<a href="http://mytruecost.com?WT.ac=Explore_Services" target="_blank">mytruecost.com</a>
Electric Plans
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Go Paperless!

​​​​Reduce clutter, and choose your preferred payment option: pay now, schedule a future payment, or set up automatic payments. Learn more and go paperless today!​​

Account extension through September 30

​We know that many of you need to focus on your family and recovery from Hurricane Harvey. If you live in one of the Texas counties recently declared by the governor to be a disaster area, we want you to have one less thing to worry about:

  • We will waive deposits for new accounts through September 30th for those relocating due to the storm.
  • Through September 30th we will be waiving natural gas disconnections for non-payment.

Please note, we continue to assess damages to our natural gas system. Where we find flood-damaged equipment we may need to interrupt your service to safely make repairs.

We're all in this together.

  Electric Reliability

of customers have electric power as of 8:25 PM




Electric Power​​​​​​ CenterPoint Energy is committed to providing reliable and safe electric power to over 2 million customers in the greater Houston area.

The following tools can help to give you peace of mind:



Hurricane Harvey Recovery & Relief

CenterPoint Energy donates $1.25 million to assist Hurricane Harvey recovery and relief efforts.

“The safety and well-being of our communities and employees impacted by Hurricane Harvey remain our top priorities.” said Scott Prochazka, president and chief executive officer of CenterPoint Energy.

Learn more about our storm efforts and how we are helping your community.