TIP: Save 3,000 Gallons a Year
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With a free, energy-saving showerheads and aerators.
Save 3,000 Gallons a Year
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How To Save
Average Monthly Billing
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Make your natural gas payments more manageable.
Average Monthly Billing
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Get the Details
A Winning Combination
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Paperless Billing and Payment Alerts - end on-time payment worries.
A Winning Combination
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Furnace Tune-up
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Invest in your home’s comfort and safety.
Furnace Tune-up
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Learn More
Happy Holidays
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See how we’re making things brighter in your area.
Happy Holidays
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Watch this video.




Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
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Rebate Savings Time is Running Out!

​​​​​Save big money – up to $1,550 – by participating in multiple rebate programs, but make sure you submit 2017 applications by Dec. 31. We have money-saving rebates for new heating systems, water heaters, fireplaces and much more. Act now and see our current Efficiency Rebates and Programs!



​​Natural Gas Safety

​​​Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable fuels available. Learn how to stay safe around it: